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Here is a breakdown of two amazing scene from Ian Hubert in Blender. The techniques he uses are amazing and it is a great way of showing how you might think of implementing them into your own projects Please consider subscribing to the channel Download first scene Ian Hubert Patreon Video of Diner Affiliate Links ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Physical Starlight and Atmosphere SciFi Crate Design in Blender Course Rig Anything With Rigify Khaos: Ultimate Explosion Add-On (Fire Addon) Extreme PBR Library HDRI Maker Pro 2.0 Simple Cloth Helper Garment Tool Hair Tool Layer Painter for Blender Scatter Tool AutoRigPro 3D Shaker Assets Scene City Mesh Materializer The Shipwright EEVEE Materials DecalMachine UVPackmaster 2 - Standard - Pro Super Texture +++++++++++++++++++ Donate - Paypal - Discord - Donate
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