Sunday, August 1, 2021

I got suspended from high school *Animatic

So the gig I was meant to be starting got pulled at the last minute, so I have decided to animate something for myself. This is a short story based on my school life, it's a very first rough pass, I have never really used Grease Pencil so it's a learning curve. My gpu is giving my grief if you would like to support the channel you can by ========= LINKS AND INFORMATION========== Find me over on Twitter: Buy me a Coffee: My Gumroad Downloads and Support: Blender Royale Twitch: Blender Royale Website: === Affiliate Links and Products I recommended === Sculpt Wheel: Sculpt Layers: Fracture Mod: Serpens Visual Scripting: BSphere: Quake Motion Camera: Black Mesh: Vera Light Studio: Procedural Shapes Pack for Blender Ran Tools

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